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At every stage of the apprenticeship, we work collaboratively with employers to ensure programmes are relevant, appropriate, and providing the highest value return to all stakeholders.
By providing sector specific apprenticeships, as well as business skills, leadership and management and coaching programmes, employers can be accessing the training they need from a single provider..

Understand & Recommend

Before enrolment we conduct an organisational needs analysis (ONA) to understand more about an employer’s specific needs and workforce requirements.

This allows us to make recommendations on the most appropriate apprenticeship for their organisation and employees. Insights from this process allow us to contextualise and adapt the programmes to meet the specific organisational needs.

Right Standard, Right Level

We carry out a role suitability assessment and skills scan, to ensure the apprentice is on the right pathway, at the right level for optimum output, funding and for their personal development and career progression and to confirm that the relevant opportunities will be created to assist with the development of their knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring

The apprenticeship standards are delivered by experienced Skills Coaches, who are qualified teachers, and have expertise in their specialisms. Embedding the benefits and principles of coaching and mentoring lies at the heart of our delivery and our Skills Coaches are trained to embed coaching and mentoring techniques through the learning journey. Regular teaching sessions combined with OTJ training, reviews, and employer mentoring, comes together to support the apprentice throughout their programme.

Flex, Adapt & Contextualise

Working with the employer, our Curriculum Team and Skills Coaches contextualise and adapt the pathway to meet any specific needs of the employer. We do this to make learning relevant and appropriate for apprentices, using the tools from their day-to-day jobs or focusing on specific sector knowledge, skills, and behaviours requirements.

Delivery schedules are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the individual. They combine a blend of direct teaching, one-to-one coaching, group workshops, e-learning modules, peer workshops, research tasks and other relevant activities.

Guidance on career progression is signposted regularly throughout the programme, ensuring that apprentices are aware of the opportunities available and how to progress.

Safeguarding training is of upmost importance and is included at the start of every session and resource. Support is offered and made easily available to meet any additional needs of the individual. Guidance and safeguarding support provided from induction and throughout, encouraging apprentices to raise any safeguarding concerns in or outside of their 1:1s. A dedicated support line and team are made available 24/7.

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