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Programme Includes

  • Initial Advice and Guidance
  • Types of Assessment s
  • Individual Learning Programmes
  • Additional Learning Support
  • Active Listening and Questioning Engagement Strategies
  • Overcoming Barriers
  • Current & Emerging Technologies
  • Legislative Procedures
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    Assessor Coach

    Level 4 Apprenticeship

    Assessor Coaches will assess vocational learners, usually on a one-to-one basis, in a range of learning environments.

    Coaching skills involve complex communication techniques to actively listen, provide feedback and to engage learners in planning their individualised learning programme.

    They coach, guide and plan programmes of assessment and development for apprentices, trainees or new recruits in the workplace or a vocational setting, usually on a one-to-one basis.

    Key responsibilities may include: engaging learners in planning their individualised learning programme, coaching and assessing vocational learners, assessing competence in-relation to work-related/industry standards and life skills, or liaising with other professionals to support achievement.

    Job Roles:

    Human Resources, Teachers, Workplace Coaches/Supervisors, Dual professionals, Vocational tutors/support, Aspiring education professionals.