🔝 Meet Our Exalt-Training Executive Team! 🔝

At Exalt-Training, our success is built upon the strong leadership and vision of our exceptional executive team. With their wealth of experience, strategic thinking, and unwavering commitment to excellence, they guide us towards new horizons and ensure that we deliver unparalleled training solutions. Get ready to meet the masterminds behind our organization!

Lisa Pearman


Introducing Lisa Pearman, the visionary CEO of Exalt Training. With 21+ years of experience in commercial and operational leadership, Lisa ensures that Exalt Training exceeds all contractual expectations. From private training providers to colleges and even the Ministry of Defence, she has mastered strategic and operational roles in work-based learning. Lisa’s unwavering belief in equipping individuals with the right tools for success sets her apart. Putting apprentices’ needs first, she advocates for coaching and mentoring at all levels, fostering growth and excellence. Her can-do attitude empowers her team to develop specialized delivery teams, delivering an exceptional experience for learners and employers. Outside of work, Lisa conquers towering hills and lends her expertise as a Lead Independent End Point Assessor for a leading UK accrediting body. With Lisa Pearman as CEO, Exalt Training is primed for unparalleled success in the world of work-based learning.

Rachel Thompson


Incorporating years of experience in the field of teaching and learning, Rachel has dedicated their career to apprenticeships since 2012. With a strong background as a dental nurse, qualified assessor, teacher, and internal verifier, she currently holds the position of Head of Operations here at Exalt-Training.

Rachel has a genuine passion for supporting learners in achieving their goals and is committed to fostering personal and professional growth, equipping individuals for success in various aspects of life. Constantly seeking innovative approaches to content delivery, Rachel actively researches new methods to cater to struggling learners and tailor programs to meet the specific needs of employer partners.
Rachel values teamwork, quality, and a positive attitude, this is reflected in the core of her approach to program delivery. Alongside her genuine care for the learners. She helps instil this mindset throughout the team at Exalt-Training ensuring that our learners remain at the centre of every endeavour.

Simon Ore


With a wealth of experience in education, management, and events, Simon Ore is a force to be reckoned with. His journey began in Europe, where he honed his skills in stage management before returning to the Midlands to make a lasting impact in the workforce. Simon’s impressive career spans across schools, higher education institutions, and national training companies. Starting as a teacher and trainer, he quickly ascended the ranks to become a sought-after manager, overseeing both small and large teams. His expertise in apprenticeships and vocational training propelled him forward, continually pushing the boundaries of educational innovation. Not one to shy away from challenges, Simon took on a pivotal role as a curriculum manager in the commercial education sector. Leading a team of dedicated professionals, he utilized his vast knowledge and experience to create cutting-edge course material. From Psychology and Counselling to Early Childhood and Education, Simon’s courses garnered acclaim and recognition. In fact, his innovative designs earned prestigious awards such as “best use of blended learning” and “best online distance learning course” in the teaching assistants domain. What truly sets Simon apart is his remarkable emotional intelligence. A talent manager par excellence, he skillfully supports team members facing their own developmental barriers. Simon’s ability to empathize, listen, and understand the needs of students and colleagues alike is second to none. As an inspiring and confident leader, he effortlessly communicates his vision, motivating others to surpass their perceived limits and achieve extraordinary goals. Simon Ore: An education management expert with an unwavering commitment to empowering others.