Introducing Our Exceptional Department Heads

At Exalt-Training, innovation and excellence are at the core of everything we do. We are proud to introduce the brilliant minds leading our diverse departments, each committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Tasha Roberts

Head of Dental

Based in Hampshire and Berkshire, Tasha joined Exalt-Training in 2021. Since her arrival, she has demonstrated outstanding commitment to professional development, earning qualifications in AET, and CAVA, and achieving a Level 4 Assessor Coach certification.

With a background in Dental Nursing, Tasha has been a qualified Dental Nurse since 2016, accumulating six years of valuable experience as an agency nurse. Her passion lies in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery, making her an invaluable asset to our dental training team at Exalt.

Matthew Orchard

Head of Marketing and IT

Meet Matt Orchard, the digital maestro and marketing wizard behind our ship’s wheel. With a penchant for pixels and a love for the latest tech trends, Matt orchestrates our brand’s voyage through the digital realm. When he’s not crafting campaigns that make waves, you’ll find him navigating the IT waters, ensuring smooth sailing for our tech infrastructure. With a cup of Earl Grey in one hand and a keyboard in the other, Matt is the embodiment of British innovation and finesse in the ever-evolving world of Marketing and IT.

James Clark

Head of Sales

Meet James Clark, our esteemed Head of Sales at Exalt-Training. With 15 years of apprenticeship experience spanning diverse industries, James is a seasoned professional dedicated to matching the right talent with employers and upskilling workforces.

In just over a year at Exalt-Training, James has not only completed his ILM management certificate but has also played a pivotal role in establishing exceptional provisions in Business Skills, Dental, Adult Care, and Childcare apprenticeships.

Beyond his professional achievements, James is a music enthusiast and a keen traveler, always planning his next gig or festival adventure. At Exalt-Training, we’re proud to have James as a driving force behind our mission to empower businesses and individuals through talent and training.