Meet your Growth Partner

Welcome to Exalt

Welcome to Exalt-Training, where we offer a team of highly experienced and dedicated practitioners who bring years of global corporate training expertise to the table. Our unwavering focus is on delivering quality training and achieving exceptional results for our clients. From navigating the latest government funding regulations to providing tailored guidance every step of the way, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the best possible training experience.

High-Quality Apprenticeships

At Exalt-Training, we place a premium on delivering high-quality Apprenticeships. We firmly believe that Apprenticeships offer the most effective route for learners and organizations, from both a skill-building and cost-effective perspective. Our range of targeted training and coaching programmes are also designed to help you achieve specific objectives and elevate your business to new heights.

Funding Available

As an approved provider of levy-funded and non-levy-funded Apprenticeship Programmes, we collaborate closely with our levy clients to ensure that they make the most of their available resources. Our sector leads and tutors can guide you on how to tailor your qualifications and pathways to get the maximum value from your investment. For non-levy clients, we can help you access the available funding and provide full support throughout the process.

Sector-Specific Expertise

At Exalt-Training, we take pride in our sector-specific expertise, as well as our broader business skill qualifications. This allows us to provide personalized pathways that cater to your unique needs. Our tutors are seasoned professionals who understand the pressures and challenges facing your industry, and they are matched to learners based on their sector-specific knowledge. For organisations with multiple learners, we offer the added convenience of having an on-site tutor.
We are dedicated to delivering excellence in training and helping our clients reach their full potential. Contact us today to explore the many ways in which we can help you achieve your business goals.