Assessor Coach Level 4 Apprenticeship

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Become an Assessor Coach and Launch Your Career in Assessment and Coaching

Gain the skills and experience you need to become a successful Assessor Coach, with the support of our experienced mentors.

The Assessor Coach Level 4 Apprenticeship is a great way to launch your career in assessment and coaching. You will gain the skills and experience you need to become a successful Assessor Coach, while working alongside experienced professionals who will help you develop your skills and knowledge.

As an Assessor Coach, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing and delivering assessment and coaching programs
  • Providing feedback to learners
  • Supporting learners to achieve their goals
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of assessment and coaching programs

This apprenticeship is a great way to gain the skills and experience you need to work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Businesses of all sizes
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations

The apprenticeship is also a great way to develop your transferable skills, such as:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership

If you are passionate about helping others learn and grow, then an Assessor Coach Level 4 Apprenticeship is a great way to launch your career. With the right training and experience, you can make a positive impact on the lives of others and the world around you.

Awarding Body

  • Plan coaching and assessment
  • Initial Advice and Guidance
  • Types of Assessments
  • Individual Learning Programmes
  • Additional Learning Support
  • Active Listening and Questioning Engagement Strategies
  • Overcoming Barriers
    Current & Emerging Technologies
  • Legislative Procedures
  • Access to free CPD programmes and additional coaching sessions
  • Online delivery with live teaching and catch-ups if you can’t make a session
  • Dedicated Skills Coach for the duration of your apprenticeship journey
  • Experienced Tutors, Coaches & Support Team
  • Easy onboarding and induction process

Thank you so much for helping me get through it, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help and guidance! So, thank you so much for being there so quickly when I needed help!

Dental Nurse Apprentice


  • Duration: 15 Months 
  • Eligibility requirements: To be eligible for the apprenticeship, you must be at least 16 years old and not in full-time education. You will also need to have basic literacy and numeracy skills and be able to pass a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
  • Assessment: Throughout the apprenticeship, you will be assessed on your practical skills and knowledge. The final assessment will take the form of a synoptic assessment.
  • Career prospects: You may have the opportunity to progress to further career opportunities, such as Learning and Development Manager,
    Independent Assessor Coach, or an Assessor Coach.
  • Support available:
    • Experienced Tutors, Coaches & Support Team,
    • Dedicated Skills Coach for the duration of your apprenticeship journey,
    • Easy onboarding, and induction process,
    • Access to free CPD programmes and additional coaching sessions

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Units Covered in the Apprenticeship

An Assessor Coach must know and understand:

  • Sources of and how to access up-to-date and valid IAG
  • Relevant forms of assessment to identify individual needs
  • How to agree individual programmes that inspire and challenge learners to achieve current work-related knowledge and skills
  • Additional support for learners available through workplace and provider-based colleagues
  • Strategies for inspiring learners, increasing their resilience in overcoming barriers and obstacles, and in raising concerns
  • Maths and English underpinning vocational skills and how to access additional support
  • Effective practice in giving feedback to guide progress and achievement
  • Ways of supporting the learner’s well-being
  •  Current and emerging technologies that could safely and effectively support learner autonomy and the Assessor-Coach role
  • Administrative procedures for recording, storing, and sharing information that is legally compliant
  • The effective use of active listening, assertiveness and questioning skills to support retention, progress and achievement
  • The quality and safety requirements of assessment and procedures for reporting concerns
  • The policies and processes required for effective organisation learning.
  • Internal and External quality procedures and the role of peer review
  • Organisational and legislative requirements for reporting concerns about quality and safeguarding
  • How to maintain occupational currency and ways to improve coaching and professional practice

An Assessor Coach must be able to

  • Identify and analyse learning needs: establish team and individual capability and learning gaps, in line with organisational performance outcomes and to enable effective evaluation.
  • Facilitate access to relevant, current information advice and guidance (IAG)
  • Apply or reference relevant initial and diagnostic assessment
  • Agree a programme of development and assessment, setting realistic but challenging goals that meet learners’ and employers’ needs
  • Liaise with employers, colleagues and others to support learners’ development
  • Anticipate and overcome barriers to progress and inspire achievement, ensuring that learning is inclusive and supports diversity
  • Highlight learners’ mathematics and English needs, and signposts to appropriate support
  • Give timely feedback on progress towards mastery of relevant skills and knowledge
  • Provide access to pastoral support and guidance
  •  Promote the safe and effective use of digital and mobile technologies to support learners and the Assessor-Coach role
  • Agree and record targets and progress, complying with quality, confidentiality and data protection requirements
  • Use effective listening, assertiveness and questioning to support learners’ to engage with their learning plans and with assessment criteria and processes
  • Comply with awarding organisation requirements and local quality and safety guidelines
  • Support peer review and quality assurance procedures
  • Report concerns about quality and safeguarding through appropriate channels
  • Maintain the currency of their own knowledge and skills, with reference to workplace practice and feedback from others

An Assessor Coach must demonstrate

  • Motivate and raise learners’ aspirations through their passion for the sector
  • Always operate to ethical and legal standards and within professional boundaries
  • Model and encourage mutual respect, displaying a deep understanding of equality and diversity, with and between learners, colleagues, and appropriate agencies
  • Be resilient and adaptable when dealing with challenge and change, maintaining focus and self-control
  • Value the importance of maths, English and ICT skills in the learners’ future economic and social well-being
  • Evaluate and improve their own professional practice in relation to the Professional Standards for Teachers and Educators in the Education and Training Sector

End Point Assessment (EPA)

Situational Judgement Test 

Answered through a multiple-choice exercise (but not necessarily
undertaken as an online or computer-based test).

Professional Discussion

To achieve final certification, the apprentices must have completed and achieved these end-point assessments

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