Equality & Diversity Policy

Last updated: 31/01/22

Equality & Diversity Policy


1.1 Exalt Training Ltd is committed to actively tackle discrimination, promote equality and diversity and provide equality of opportunity for all its employees, associates, learners, customers and stakeholders. It has been developed to take account of all current and relevant legislations; which includes – but is not limited to, The Equality Act 2010.
1.2 Exalt Training Ltd will maintain a friendly and professional atmosphere in which all employees may work free from bullying, harassment, victimisation and discrimination of any kind.


2.1 The policy has been developed to sets out Exalt Training Limited Limited’s intention to deliver a service and range of qualifications that are fair, accessible, inclusive and removes any unnecessary barriers to entry or promotions across its sites.

2.2 Exalt Training Ltd believe that only when individuals are treated in a non-discriminatory manner with fairness and respect, can his or her full potential be realised.


3.1 The policy will ensure that all recognise that equality of opportunity cannot be achieved without:
• Developing procedures and practices which actively seek to promote equal opportunities and oppose discrimination.
• Training for staff and management.
• Establishing an environment in which people feel free to challenge discrimination.


4.1 Equal opportunities and diversity work together by addressing inequalities and barriers faced by people in under-represented groups and by valuing, learning and benefiting from the diverse cultures in society and within our staff.

4.2 Recruitment – All appointments, both internal and external, will be made solely on merit. Fair recruitment and selection procedures will always be applied. Equal Opportunities data will be collected and monitored through the recruitment process.

4.3 Training – All new employees and enrolled learners shall receive induction training within 30 days of starting work or a qualification training course. The selection of employees for training and the design of training courses will reflect the aims of Exalt Training Limited Limited’s Equal Opportunities initiatives.

4.4 Development – All employees will be encouraged to discuss and take responsibility for their own personal and career development.

4.5 Maternity/Paternity – Exalt Training Ltd put ‘Family’ at the heart of our business and offers full support to expectant parents in actively supporting a parental return to work program following maternity leave and/or Paternity leave of employees

4.6 Bullying/Harassment – All employees should be able to work in an environment that is free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Any breach of such rights will trigger a prompt Senior Management Team investigation promptly and be regarded as a serious incident at work.

4.7 Disability – The employment and advancement of people with disabilities will be actively promoted and encouraged throughout Exalt Training Ltd.

4.8 Exalt Training Ltd also understand the environment our learners work in very well and the social taboos that have been associated with that environment over the years. Exalt Training Limited Limited, encourage all learners to conduct themselves and behave in a way that they would expect someone to behave if welcomed into their home. Learners are reminded that respect between learners and colleagues in the working environment is not only legally standing but also contributes to a much more successful and happier place.

4.9 Exalt Training Ltd will ensure that:
• Equality of opportunity is embedded in all policies, practices, decision-making and evaluation processes
• Flexible opportunities are offered which meet learners needs and enable all learners to realise their potential
• Positive images of achievement from all sections of society are recognised and celebrated

4.10 Inclusiveness – Exalt Training Ltd are responsible for ensuring that they are aware of, and meet, their statutory responsibilities. Learners are made aware of, and expected to, behave in a way that is consistent with this Equality and Diversity Policy.

4.11 Gender Commitment – Exalt Training Ltd will:
• Oppose sexism and be committed to taking positive action to identify and remove sexism across all learner engagement
• Monitor the performance of male and female learners and address any inequality issues
• Help minimise gender stereotyping in the site environment
• Not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of gender re-assignment towards trans-gender or transsexual people

4.12 Race and Ethnicity Commitment – Exalt Training Ltd will:
• Actively tackle racial discrimination among any cohorts of learners
• Always clearly explain race and ethnicity eligibility guidelines from the funding or government bodies
• Monitor the admission and progress of all learners by racial group

4.13 Sexual Orientation Commitment – Exalt Training Ltd will:
• Strongly oppose discrimination on the grounds of sexuality and are committed to remove homophobia from all areas of the learners working environment
• Encourage positive acceptance of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, gender re-assignment and heterosexual people
• Not tolerate homophobic harassment in any area of the learners working environment

4.14 Disability Commitment – Exalt Training Ltd will ensure all learners with disabilities have access to:
• Appropriate opportunities to disclose disability and/or learning difficulties
• Employment opportunities if such enquiries should occur
• Specialist equipment and technology to aid them
• Information in relevant formats

4.15 Religious Belief Commitment – Exalt Training Ltd will:
• Not discriminate directly against anyone due to their religion or belief
• Not discriminate indirectly by applying criterion, provision or practice that disadvantages anyone due to their religion or belief
• Not victimise anyone because they have made or are going to make a complaint of discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief

• Promote the Prevent strategy (see additional Safeguarding & Prevent Policy)

4.16 Fair Assessment – Exalt Training Ltd will, as part of its Equality and Diversity policy, ensure that all assessments and assessment activities undertaken by learners are:
• Reliable
• Valid
• Transparent
• Recognise and respect equality and diversity
• Use appropriate language and documentation that is accessible to all learners
• Use a variety of assessment strategies
• Exalt Training LtdTrainers/Tutors will ensure that feedback is given to every learner when they achieve certain milestones during their learning programme, such as passing a unit or achieving an element of a framework. Two-way feedback is encouraged amongst all Exalt Training LtdUK learners to adopt strong lines of communication.


5.1 Equality Opportunities- Relates to ensuring that we provide the same opportunities for all staff, learners and stakeholders under the nine protected characteristics of the Equalities Act 2010. Equal Opportunities relates to a Legal Framework, which makes it illegal to discriminate, treat unfairly or exclude those that hold difference views or of the following protected characteristics:
Religion/beliefs Sexual preference Sex
Race/ethnicity Disability Age
Gender transitioning Marriage/civil partnership Pregnancy/birth

5.2 Diversity – is a broader concept that builds upon the progress made through integration of equal opportunities. Everyone is different and diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing the differences.


Induction Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
Grievance Policy
Discipline Policy
Data Protection Policy


All staff

All customers/stakeholders

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8.1 Learners – Exalt Training Ltd is committed to creating an environment where all learners, irrespective of their circumstances and/or backgrounds:
• Are treated fairly
• Are fully respected
• Are listened to and encouraged to offer their views and opinions
• Have equality of opportunity

8.2 All staff – Equality of opportunity is fundamentally about fairness and respect ensuring that discriminatory behaviour, in any form, is not tolerated. Such values require commitment from all staff to accept a code of conduct which:
• Encourages respect for the individual
• Encourages collective action to challenge prejudice and the structures that perpetuate it
• Challenges stereotyped images internally and externally and, in their place, promotes positive images
• Declares as unacceptable any language, action or belief which insights prejudice or racial hatred or that encourages prejudice or racial hatred in others
• Will not tolerate any form of behaviour, which is derogatory, demeaning or insulting to other persons or groups across the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender and sexual orientation.