Enhanced Learning Credits


The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)?

What is ELC?

The MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) promotes lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces.It provides financial support to achieve a nationally recognised qualification at Level three or above with an approved learning provider (like us). 

What funding is available?

Currently you can access either £1000 or £2000 of funding per year, over a period of three years, depending on your specific circumstances. For further information, visit here.   If you choose to enrol with us, this funding can be spent on; Leadership & Management Qualifications or Education/Training Qualifications. A list of the programmes and costs can be viewed below.  You can also ‘top-up’ your funding with your own financial contribution if you’d like to make your investment go further or if you’d like to invest in a different programme/career path. 

Why work with us?

Whilst there are plenty of providers available who can give you good training and support you with your qualifications, we are different. Why? Well, half of our senior management team has been serving members of the armed forces or worked in military environments.

This means we have first hand experience of the move from an MOD role to a career outside of the military. Our experienced team of coaches can provide perspective and insight that others can’t. We pride ourself on the quality of our training delivery, placing the learner at the heart of everything we do and embedding coaching and mentoring throughout the process.

Accessing the scheme

To access the support, you will need to follow the approved process set out on the ELC website. This includes the following requirements :

1)You must be a registered Scheme Member and have accrued sufficient service before submitting an online claim.

2)If you are still serving speak to your Education Staff, or, for Service Leavers contact your SSR. Appropriate checks can then be done to issue your account.

3)Once you have an account and have chosen your programme,simply log in

4)Finally you must complete your Course Evaluation when requested, further claims cannot be processed until you previous course evaluation has been completed. Full information is set out in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822.

Programmes & Qualifications

Award in Education & Training (AET)


Certificate in Leadership & Management


Certificate in Leadership & Management


Email the team with your questions and we will be in touch enquiries@exalt-training.com or complete this form

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