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What is a Diploma?

A diploma provides a great opportunity to acquire recognised, accredited qualifications in your chosen field.

Working with Exalt-Training you can develop the knowledge and skills to achieve your desired level in your specialist sector, or in transferable skills in coaching, leadership and management which can be applied to all walks of life.

To achieve a diploma, you need to achieve a specific number of credits for your desired level. Depending on the qualification, there may be mandatory and then option credits for you to choose.

Diploma or Apprenticeship? What is right for me?

Diplomas are a great alternative to an apprenticeship programme and in the majority of cases, you’ll cover the same content and subject areas. Diplomas also offer a good option for for individuals who are not able to meet the requirements for the apprenticeship programme.

There are a number of reasons why a diploma could be a better fit for you or for one of your employees. For example:

– too much prior learning and experience, but no formal qualification yet

– the current job role does not  meet the requirements specified for apprenticeship funding

– UK residency requirements for funding are not met

– no functional skills (Level 2) qualifications before completion (these are included in the apprenticeship and support is offered every step of the way)

– no allowance can be made for the 20 per cent off-the-job hours


What is covered?

Once you’ve chosen your diploma, you will be allocated your skills coach who you will work with to agree choose your credits and agree your delivery plan. The assessment method for your diploma will also be discussed, so you know what to expect and what to aim for.

You will be given access to an e-Learning platform and a host of online learning resources to support your diploma. You’ll also be able to access features such as free additional sessions, workshops and CPD sessions.


What makes us unique is that we offer all our diploma learners the chance to access live teaching sessions as well as online guided learning. This provides a great opportunity to learn with your peers, in real time and to work with your skills coach.  Many other providers only offer the scope for learning independently, so this is a great way to embed your specialist knowledge and skills.

Leadership & Management

Senior Leader | Strategic Leadership | Level 7

For experienced leaders to enrich expertise and support enable high performance teams.
Business Skills
Dental Diplomas
Adult Care Diplomas

Diploma in Leadership & Management in Adult Care

Early Years Diplomas
Residential Childcare Diplomas
Education & Training

Certificate in Leading the Internal Quality of Assessment Processes and Practices


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