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Programme Includes

  • Project management
  • Change Management
  • Route Cause Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Measurement Systems
  • LEAN Tools
  • Problem Definition
  • Experimentation & Optimisation

  • Improvement Practitioner

    Level 4 Apprenticeship

    Improvement Practitioners use a blend of Lean and Six Sigma, project and change management principles and tools to identify and lead the delivery of change across organisational functions and processes.

    Typically, Practitioners lead smaller projects and/or play a key supporting role in a larger programme – tackling issues that may require swift problem solving or re-occurring challenges that require in-depth analysis and the implementation of a range of effective and sustainable countermeasures. They are the focal point for all stakeholders and responsible for communication throughout a project.

    Key responsibilities may include: identifying potential opportunities, diagnosing issues, proposing solutions and implementing changes and controls, coaching teams and sharing best practice, leading projects and may manage small teams ensuring motivation and momentum, and be responsible for the success.

    Job Roles:

    Sales, Call Centres, Contact Centres, Receptionist, Retail, Online/Telephone Sales