Apprenticeship Programmes

Apprenticeships offer employers a structured learning programme which can be tailored and adapted to fit the needs of your organisation.

Both the content and delivery method of an apprenticeship can be adapted to complement existing priorities and operations. This means less time ‘off the job’ and a programme which benefits both the learner and the employer.

If you choose apprenticeships for your organisation, you can be confident that you’ll be getting top quality training and skills development. All learning goes through a stringent assessment process and our teams are regularly audited for quality.

Apprenticeship training can continue to be delivered to furloughed employees, using a variety of tech platforms, if appropriate.


The Exalt-Training Way of Working

How We Work With You

We work with our clients to develop learning pathways which include a blend of theoretical and practical learning, All our tutors are highly experienced with proven industry expertise.

All training pathways, timetables and assessments are realistic, appropriate and practical. Programmes are smoothly integrated alongside existing organisational priorities.

We know that one size does not fit all and so we aim look to be flexible and innovative - whether that means delivery training over video whilst the learner is visiting clients abroad, placing a tutor on your premises or developing your own sustainable strategy for skills development.

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