Motivating Your Team in the Post-Lockdown Landscape
June 10, 2020
How Skills Development And Training During Lockdown Will Develop Your Organisational Resilience
November 19, 2020

At present, it’s unlikely that your staff can come to the surgery or practice. If you are furloughed or your team is at home, it is incredibly frustrating. In these challenging times we’re encouraging the industry to consider the options available via training.

Training and Skills Improvement is a key area for us all at this time, allowing us to improve resilience and prepare for the eventual return to work. Consider specialist qualifications, apprenticeships or refresher courses for all levels. All of which can be done on furloughed time.

Here at Exalt-Training we work closely in partnership with Lifeline Dental Agency, specialist recruiters and travel management agency for the dental industry. We work together to deliver a variety of professional qualifications and apprenticeships.

For us it’s simple – we know clients value expertise and skills in employees and candidates and our tailored learning and expert tutors deliver great results.

We’ve created a special offer for dental professionals to earn a Level 3 Award in Education & Training. This course is ideal for Dentists, Hygienists and Dental Nurses who train and lecture others – or individuals who needs to be able to share processes, procedures and training within a practice. Areas covered include:

Roles, responsibilities and relationships

Understanding inclusive learning and teaching

Appropriate teaching and learning approaches in your specialist area

How to deliver inclusive sessions

Motivation and engagement of learners assessment methods

Record-Keeping, Relevant Legislation, Regulations & Codes Of Practice.

Costs & Qualification

The cost of this qualification, including resources, tutor support and certification is just £250 (was £450).  Call us to find out more about this distance learning qualification. Candidates can get started quickly and it’s a great way to make a good use of the time (not that Joe Wicks, Netflix and gardening isn’t a good use of time!).

When we do all go back to normal, whatever that turns normal out to be, you’ll have an extra set of tools to use (and accredited qualification).

Get in touch today and we’ll arrange an informal chat about your qualifications. Email us at to find out more.

Train For Free. We’re so confident that you will see the benefits of working with us, that we will refund the cost of this course if you enrol an employee on an Apprenticeship with us within 12 months.

 For Those With Kids At Home

Many working from home, particularly with school age kids are under significant pressure. The Exalt-Training team understands these challenges and we’ll work together with you to co-create a pathway which suits all parties.